NeoCon 2018

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We've collected everything you need to know about NeoCon 2018 in one place, from new solutions to events you can't miss! 


Did you miss out on NeoCon 2018? Explore a 360° of our showroom

NeoCon is a wrap! Three incredible and very memorable days have gone by, presenting a new take on lounging and noise-reducing lighting. If you didn’t have the chance to visit us in Chicago, we take you on a virtual tour through our completely new showroom. Join the tour here.

Say hello to some of the new solutions

Earlier this year, we introduced five new noise reducing lighting solutions at Light+Building in Frankfurt. These are being shown for the first time in the US during NeoCon 2018. Apart from these, we’re also welcoming several new lounge seating elements to the BuzziFamily. 

Ready to discover more?

Let’s join designer Alain Gilles and Interior Design Magazine as they take a closer look at some of the new introductions, including BuzziSpark, BuzziHat, BuzziZepp, and BuzziZepp LED.

Discover the difference between great and poor acoustics

No one wants to work and live in noise-polluted spaces. However, many people unknowingly spend most of their days in spaces with poor acoustics, resulting in headaches and increasing stress levels.

To fully understand the difference between good and bad acoustics, we offer you a tour through our acoustic rooms. The first one is empty and consequently sound will bounce back and forth between the naked surfaces. In the second room, we have placed some of our high-performance acoustic products that mitigate the sound to create a more well-balanced space.

Experience yourself what the right acoustic treatment can do to a room in our acoustic room at NeoCon, Suite 10-111.

Learn more about acoustics and noise reduction.

Sound and environmental noise need to be perfectly balanced with the office setting as both impact that happy feeling we’re all striving for.

— Daniel Verlooven, Acoustic Ambassador

Lounging in focus

As we've mentioned earlier, we're zooming in on, especially, lounging this year with the launch of both BuzziSpark and BuzziMe Low.

A well-designed lounge can help strengthen your brand experience. Working nomads especially, expect a top-notch lounge with a variety of areas. 

Sometimes they want to work on a presentation or catch up with clients; other times they just want to relax and enjoy a drink. We have gathered some tips to change your lounge from good to great. 

Discover them all here.

BuzziGazette #8 NeoCon edition is out

Dive in and experience all things Buzzi in this NeoCon edition! Discover new lounge solutions, meet the designers behind and join us on a trip down memory lane, looking back at 10 years of happiness at work. Happy reading!

Read it here.

Download it for later.

BuzziMood and BuzziHat win Interior Design's HiP Awards

Great news from Chicago! BuzziMood and BuzziHat have been awarded Interior Design’s HiP Awards at NeoCon in the categories biophilic acoustics and lighting, respectively.

BuzziMood, conceived by American designer Cory Grosser, is shown at preview at NeoCon while the official launch is set for Orgatec 2018 in October.

BuzziHat launched earlier this year, however, it continues to impress with its unique design and excellent sound-absorption capabilities. Meet the designer behind, Alain Gilles, in our showroom during the fair days!

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Join us in Chicago

Experience all the pillars that constitute a happy, healthy workspace at this year’s NeoCon Shows in Chicago.

Stop by BuzziLounge on the 1st floor and relax into the comfort of BuzziMe and BuzziMe Low. Take a break and enjoy the silence in this quiet oasis under a sea of BuzziJet and BuzziProp LED acoustic pendant lights.

In our showroom on the 10th floor, you can discover a range of other noise-reducing lighting and comfortable lounge seating elements, including BuzziSpark. This new solution is extremely flexible and versatile, offering architects and designers lots of possibilities in whatever space they are designing.

Experience our newest acoustic wall application BuzziMood. With its blend of materials found in nature combined with sound-absorbing characteristics, it can instantly help lift your spirits.

Get ready for a unique experience! This year is going to be very special with the celebrations of our 10th anniversary and NeoCon’s 50th anniversary.

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