Light + Building 2020

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Take the virtual tour and get to know our new solutions.



Don’t miss out on the L+B virtual tour

Although L+B is postponed, we couldn’t wait any longer to share a virtual tour of our booth, created especially for you. Get the ultimate view of all the new and existing solutions for happy and healthy workspaces. Enjoy your walk-through!

Let's say hello to some of the new solutions

We're thrilled to already present some of our new solutions available at Light + Building 2020.

— BuzziCone

We're excited to introduce you to BuzziCone, a classic yet original noise-reducing lighting which offers the best of both worlds: light and silence. This cone-shape pendant in soft BuzziFelt offers elegant decorative light, being the perfect addition to any setting. Hang them individually or cluster them in different height to delineate the ideal microenvironment. It can be fitted with a frosted glass globe or a spot for more direct lighting.

Be creative by adding a layer of colorful fabric to the BuzziFelt shades (inside or outside).

BuzziCone 91 (BuzziFelt Offwhite, extra layer Fabric), BuzziCone 109 (BuzziFelt OffWhite, extra layer Fabric), BuzziCone 63 (BuzziFelt OffWhite, extra layer Fabric)

— BuzziJet Standing

Meet BuzziJet Standing, a simple and stylish add-on to any lounge area or break-out zone. Designed with flexible and open spaces in mind, this sound-absorbing floor lamp brings personality to the space while creating a cozy and calm atmosphere. Its upholstered body and aerodynamic design, supported by an elegant curvy frame, will let you experience the importance of good acoustics.

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